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Using Lemon for Dandruff - but be careful

Lemon Dandruff Treatment

You have seen people use avocados on their eyes, and lemons on their skin for looking younger but have you,ever considered trying to use lemon for controlling your dandruff? Lemons are used very often for skin therapy, healthy eating and many other uses. They have a large amount of vitamin c, comparable to oranges but the reason they are so useful for your bodies exterior (skin), is that they are very acidic. They have a ph or potential hydrogen of less than 3.

The acidic nature helps remove dead skin from your body. It cleans out the pores and leaves your skin feeling younger. Obviously this could be bad when used too heavily. You do not want to burn your skin off to the point where you are damaging the new skin. So what about using it on your scalp.

How do lemons treat dandruff
The idea that lemon can help with dandruff is true. The acidic nature of the lemon can help clean off your skin. Remove the excess skin which would slowly flake off throughout the day and cause those nasty flakes. People might have started using lemons for their dandruff for that reason alone. Thinking that the ability to get rid of the dead skin will get rid of the dandruff. This is true but there is a better reason.

Not only will the lemons help to remove the dandruff but they actually in many cases will fight the actual cause of your dandruff. They in a sense (pardon the pun)get to the root of the problem.

Lemons affect your ph
Many times you get flakes because your skin ph is off or it is a good environment for malassezia. See the article on what causes dandruff for more on that. This bug grows in certain conditions and the acidic nature of the lemon can affect your ph on your scalp, disrupting the environment that helps grow this bacteria. (Its natural you always will have it but sometimes they get out of control). As your ph changes you begin to see less and less dandruff. Not only will the lemon juice help to get rid of your flakes, it might help to keep them from coming back.

How to use lemons for getting rid of Dandruff
There are many different methods to implementing the use of lemons or lemon juice to remove your flakes. So many that I will just go over the basic ideas. Some will say mix it with coconut oil. Some will say a mixture of aloe vera and a table spoon of lemon juice. Ive seen sites say to cut lemon wedges and rub them throughout your hair will squeezing the juice out.

The bottom line is getting the juice onto your scalp and letting it work for a certain amount of time. Try 5 minutes to 10 minutes. You could do more but I don't think its necessary. Whether your mixing it with something else or just mixing some of it with water it really is a test and retesting thing. Try a few things. There will be specific examples listed here too but for the sake of the basics try this.

Take one lemon, squeeze the juice into a couple cups of water and mix it up. Soak a washcloth or sponge it the solution and wet your scalp thoroughly. Now let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly after a half hour or less. Thats all.

Word of Caution
Using lemons can cause a lightening of your hair. This will be from uv rays interacting with the acidity of the lemon. Do not go outside or go tanning. Just stay out of the sunlight and you should be fine.

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